Are you rich or poor?

All of their lives seem so glamorous and ideal when you're looking at affluent celebrities online. They get pampered with six or seven handsets for any occasion they attend, and also even have an ensemble completely customised for them and are set to go.

Are you rich or poor?

While we all like to interpret these red carpet moments as the rich dress and look on a regular basis, it isn't always the situation. We'll find a dramatic change in the wardrobe if we turn our eyes from actors for a second and look at the other rich ones, those who don't invest all their time in front of the camera. In their wardrobe selections, not only do they genuinely wealthy remain modest, but most of them still dress poorly.

But why?

"Millionaires are just a whole bunch of different people''. They think differently. They behave differently. They invest money accordingly. These people are different on the whole. The representation of celebrities by the media is all false. The rich and popular don't dress in $1,000 suits or dresses because they're smarter than that. When you can save money to invest in real estate or start up a business, why waste thousands of dollars on fragments of clothes that can wash off, wear off, get lost, or get torn up? Rather than instant gratification, they tend to look at performance. Yeah, a $1,000 suit would look fantastic and elegant, but for around $100, you might get a plain tuxedo that would do the job perfectly as well. Why pay thousands of dollars on only a luxury brand or shinier fabric, as long as the item of apparel is not ripped and still meets company etiquette?

You are secure enough in your ability and knowledge when you are wealthy and you do not have the need to show off anymore. You know you've got the money, and your company shows you've got huge profits, so there's no need to show off the bling. You've got a different attitude when you're wealthy, one that no longer revolves around money. Instead of arguing whether or not you have already worn a certain outfit this week, you would like to concentrate on developing as an individual and accelerate your company.

There's a famous quote that always stuck with me from a really wise guy, and it goes like this:

“The rich stay rich by living below their means”.

If you practice what really rich and famous are doing, you're also going to be a millionaire. It's not going to make you wealthy by wasting money lavishly just to show off your earnings. They may be old ideas, but it seems to work for the affluent, so why not check it out?   What have you got to lose? Definitely not money! 

''Think wise, Be wise and Act wisely''.