7 Small Business Ideas Bangalore

If you're reading this post, you've definitely considered starting your own small business and becoming your own boss. The desire to establish a business, will not serve. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to run a company and, above all, an idea to start with.

7 Small Business Ideas Bangalore

Before we move ahead with a proposal, one would also need to analyse the consumer environment and the company area. If the kind of company you want to start already exists, it will make you stand out from your rivals by how you bring value to the same kind of company. If you're here looking for tips on what could suit you, here are seven small business ideas that suit the segment of the Bengaluru city market.

Home-Based Catering

As the busy schedules do not allow people to cook for themselves, a significant number of working professionals living in Bengaluru choose to buy cooked meals. They would ideally like to have home-cooked meals delivered to homes and workplaces. If you like to cook for others and are good at handling time, home-based catering would suit you. In order to serve large volumes and uphold hygiene requirements, this small business strategy would entail an initial investment in cooking equipment and storage. You would still need to obtain a license to operate a food company where the home is verified by government authorities to see if it meets requirements.

Grocery Shop with Delivery services

Home delivery systems are bound to be expected in the city with food delivery start-ups. Although a grocery store is commonly known to target families, it is possible to extend its scope to several neighborhood restaurants and fast food corners. Maintaining inventory and knowing the needs of your customers is the secret to running a profitable grocery store.

Business for Car Rental

Bengaluru has its fair share of visitors every year. Even South Indian people tend to holiday in neighboring towns and cities. The inhabitants of the town are in high demand for both inter-city and out-of-station car rental facilities. In order to get monthly revenue and operate at hours preferable for you, users can even tie-up with rental car services.

Students/Working Individuals Hostel 

A new crowd is always coming to Bengaluru every month. If your property has spare rooms or houses, you can rent them out for a stable monthly income to working professionals and students.

Real Estate Brokerage

Rental brokerage services can suit you if you have been living in the city for a decent period of time, have connections, and are good at negotiating. To help them interact with each other, landowners, new tenants, and company owners need real estate advisors. This business does not need an initial investment, but it needs a person to be attentive and connect strongly.

Daycare/Childcare Organisation 

Working parents are still searching for close, safe and secure daycare facilities. Notice that even daycare centers operating in homes need a permit.

E-commerce Sites 

Online retailing such as Flipkart and Amazon help retailers reach customers. You can still become a vendor with an actual manufacturer, even though you do not have your own goods to market.