Top 6 Best Organic Beauty Companies

Organic goods are the most significant decision when it comes to beauty and skincare. What more do you need to soothe your skin than the soothing advantages and the essence of nature? Keeping the popularity of organic beauty products in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 6 best organic beauty companies.

Top 6 Best Organic Beauty Companies

Today, India is referred to be a youthful India. And as a result of this young demographic, the need for skincare products has skyrocketed. The generation has become more mindful of their skin and requires products that do not have any additional negative impacts on it. On that basis, there has been an upsurge in the market for organic cosmetic products. This has also resulted in a significant shift in the market. Investing in cosmetic goods has been a popular option for many people.

In addition, beauty induces unexpected confidence in us, and we think we can manage anything. And the beauty businesses are benefiting greatly from this. Although people in the past were lacking understanding, this is why they were forced to utilise chemical-based goods. However, as a generation grows older, consumers become more conscious and want 100% organic products. As a result, a plethora of organic beauty product firms has sprouted up. Let's begin with these businesses.


Skincraft The firm is well-known for its really promising skincare products. Because the main principle of skincare products is based on skin type, it is critical to creating goods for various skin kinds. And Skincraft successfully executes this concept. Virendra Shivhare, Chaitanya Nallan, and Sangram Simha established Skincraft. Skincraft operates by gathering information about the customer's skin type and then manufacturing the product appropriately. The products have been thoroughly investigated using a confederation of hundreds of extensive databases from India, Japan, and Taiwan. Skincraft creates products by analysing data obtained through artificial intelligence.


Purearth, the extremely luxury skincare and health company, sourced its materials from the Himalayas through sustainable suppliers. Purearth product components are chosen by women who live in high-altitude areas such as Uttarakhand or Ladakh. Purearth is a noteworthy company when it comes to developing skincare products. Its brand is extremely concerned with the quality of its products. Furthermore, Purearth employs a large number of women from rural regions.


mCaffeine grew a business from this key component. Vikas Lakshmana and Tarun Sharma created mCaffeine, an organic cosmetics firm, in 2016. Tarun Sharam and Vikas Lakshmana came up with the concept while one of them was suffering from an eye ailment. They attempted a few home treatments, and nothing seemed to work. So they placed a green tea bag over his eye, and within a few minutes, the puffiness was disappeared. As a result, they conducted a study and discovered that caffeine decreased puffiness. That's when mCaffeine was born. The products are extremely promising, and their main constituent is caffeine.


SoulTree, a successful organic beauty business, is well-known for its engagement with numerous non-profit organisations that help local farmers and rural residents. SoulTree solely sources its components from such organisations. Their goods are entirely natural and organic. SoulTree is backed by BDIH accreditation standards, a certified European institution. This is the first time an Indian beauty brand has received such a deal. SoulTree's travel kits are well-known for their exceptional ability to improve hair and skin.


Shankar Prasad established Plum, the first vegan cosmetic business, in 2015. Plum has a wide selection of skin and body care products. The essence of nature's beauty has genuinely inspired the organisation. Plum does not offer false promises or use people's fears in its advertising. Its products claim to enhance our skin in a more natural manner. Plum goods are widely accessible at retail outlets as well as online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart. The product is also available via Plum's official website. Every year, the Plum projected growth rate is approximately 35%.

Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is highly regarded as one of the most reliable organic skincare companies. Kama Ayurveda manufactures its goods using comprehensive Ayurvedic recipes made entirely of vegetarian and natural components. Products from Kama Ayurveda, such as Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and Brigandi Intensive Hair Treatment, have won beauty accolades from magazines such as Elle and Vogue. This demonstrates Kama Ayurveda's and its products' success.

Final Thoughts

It is a difficult challenge to create cosmetic products that do not have negative effects on our skin. To create the greatest product, extensive research and several experiments are required. Organic beauty firms in India are creating products made entirely of natural ingredients that are really good for our skin. These enterprises manufacture their beauty products utilising old-fashioned home cures.