Sydney and Melbourne are Newly Created Police States in Australia

The recent traumatic experience the people of Western Sydney face is so distressful. In the presence of the latest events, Sydney and Melbourne are newly created police states in Australia.

Sydney and Melbourne are Newly Created Police States in Australia

"One rule for me; and one rule for thee," says Sydney. Residents in 12 local government areas (LGAs) in New South Wales believe they are being ignored by the state government. Surprisingly, Premier Gladys Berejiklian turned down the mayor's proposal for a meeting when they originally made it. Despite the fact that New South Whales is under stringent stay-at-home restrictions, hundreds of tourists come to the eastern coast every weekend to enjoy the world-famous beaches. 

Frightened Public

Cops are setting up road checkpoints with an enormous operation near the Bass Hill shopping centre in Western Sydney. It is bizarre to see that everyone is stopped while entering the plaza. The local community tends to comment that it is becoming a new norm in the city. Unknowingly, the state is becoming a police state. The public feels it is a very traumatic experience to step out as almost 50's of policemen are standing right in the front door, inside the plaza, outside, and almost every corner of the city. This is a chaotic moment for the public because they are unaware of why there is a need for so many policemen to watch around them. There is no indication of any violence. The children's playgrounds are under surveillance. The public states, it is hard to live a life like this, as children are much prone to mental illness staying around in four walls. The attractive tourist centers are closed.

The public comments the cops treat few people very rude, which makes it the people difficult to trust the police department. The community feels they are trapped and demands to set them free. As the public is being targeted and arrested by the cops for the sake of breaching the public health order, it is becoming a traumatic experience for them to lead a normal life. People started to feel they aren't the citizen of the state they belong it. The separation is severe, as the public says,'' Things would be different if we are residing in the east or the north''. The local community in the west is providing few foods and drinks. The local business is affected because of this police outrage in the city. The people are distressed and they cannot stand more. 

Residents are exposed to frequent police helicopter surveillance, patrols, interrogation, and heavy-handedness that appear to go unchallenged despite being just 30-minutes inland. One thing is for certain: we see a two-rule system in action, with them getting closer to the other end.

Nightmare in Australia
An Australian citizen with a heart ailment had a sudden seizure while being detained by police for not wearing a mask. The cops had been told that the man in issue was prone to seizures. When he was laying on the ground, suffering from a sudden seizure, the man was also shackled. "We cannot go more than 5 kilometres from our houses, we have restricted exercise time periods, and there is a pervasive police presence watching us every day to guarantee compliance," a South Australian adds. People are irritated, furious, worried, and afraid." Seems like all the  Cops are on a power trip. The people have seen cops harassing mothers with little children at the neighbourhood park because they are not wearing a mask. Cops may and should exercise judgement, but they continue to target unnecessarily innocent individuals in public areas who are simply trying to survive the new pandemic normal life."
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