Incubators & Accelerators- Bangalore

Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley, has always been a hotspot for entrepreneurs, innovative companies, and creative-minded individuals. The increase in the number of creative early-stage and established firms may be ascribed to the city's expansion. Incubators & Accelerators in Bangalore are various in numbers. Keep reading to know more.

Incubators & Accelerators- Bangalore
Startup accelerators and incubators are also important factors in the success of entrepreneurial ventures. As a result, Bangalore's international recognition would not have been conceivable without these incubators and accelerators.
Incubators vs. Accelerators: What's the Difference?
Let's start by distinguishing between incubators and accelerators. The names are often used interchangeably, which is incorrect. It's essential to pick the correct incubator/accelerator for your company's progress and expansion. We've compiled a list of business incubators and accelerators in Bangalore to help you make the best decision.
1. Bangalore Alpha Lab (BAL)
BAL is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and forward-thinking thinkers. Members in a collaborative environment can communicate, encourage, and motivate one another to move ahead. Bangalore Alpha Lab is a co-working space with a welcoming environment that encourages creativity and productivity. It not only provides a workspace but also provides incubation services to assist entrepreneurs and early-stage companies on their path to success. BAL was a crucial milestone for numerous enterprises because it was located near Koramangala, the corridor of startups and entrepreneurs. Zoomdeck, Buy Hatke, Sign Easy, and many other brands are part of BAL's portfolio.
Mentorship programmes in many industries like technology, marketing, and others are available through Bangalore Alpha Lab.
  • Get-togethers in the community
  • Services of assistance (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • Community workshops that are interactive
  • Investors' collaboration
2. Bangalore Innovation Centre, IIIT
The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) in Bangalore offers an unparalleled collaborative environment for researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Among the Innovation Centre's programmes, IMACX shines out since it has helped entrepreneurs develop a number of successful enterprises. It primarily targets firms working on cutting-edge technologies such as bots, AI, AR, interfaces, and mobile apps. EasyM2M, KickStart Cabs, Chipmonk, and NSmiles are among the companies in which IIIT Bangalore has funded. The IIIT - Bangalore Innovation Centre provides the following services:
  • Investment by an angel
  • Seed financing is available.
  • Advice and assistance
Through numerous programmes, NASSCOM strives to promote and foster the Indian startup ecosystem. It is one of Bangalore's most active startup incubators. Incubate, Virtual Incubate, NIPP (NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program), and Integrate are some of the initiatives offered by NASSCOM (Global Acceleration). It works with prestigious fundraising partners such as CrunchBase, Nexus, and the Indian Angel Network. NASSCOM has been instrumental in the growth of companies such as Asksid,, Big Trade, Bombay Play, and many more. NASSCOM's startups offer:
  • Connect with your community
  • Hackathons and challenges
  • Evaluators and mentors
  • Meetings for consultation
  • Kits for new businesses
4. Srijan Capital
Srijan Capital, a Bangalore-based incubator, focuses on early-stage enterprises in India that seek angel or seed capital. Srijan Capital considers its strengths to be in digital marketing and product creation. Srijan Cash conducts incubations in the personal capacity of its founder, Ravi Trivedi, who prioritises product, client acquisition, and capital. The incubator specialises in SaaS, consumer interest, and IT businesses. Tookitaki, Explara, PushEngage, Collate Box, and other brands are among those in its portfolio. Srijan Capital places a premium on:
  • Creating and improving concepts
  • Mentoring, incubation, and assistance for a minimum of two years
5. T-Hub
T-Hub allows businesses to develop quickly, develop a solid community of stakeholders, and accelerate innovation by cultivating an innovative culture. T-Hub's goal is to be a leader in supporting and strengthening an ecosystem who needs innovation. It accomplishes this through collaboration with a variety of corporate partners, government agencies, and institutions.
T-Hub assists entrepreneurs by providing them with finance and other necessities by establishing a large network of investors. It aspires to improve the ecosystem's technology and talent by focusing on tech-based companies. T-Hub provides the following services:
  • Network of Investors
  • Funding
  • Mentoring
  • Landscape accessibility
  • Government assistance
6. Kyron
Kyron Global Accelerator, one of India's premier startup accelerators, focuses on the initial investment for entrepreneurs as well as mentorship and coaching. This accelerator is interested in mobile, social platforms, and cloud-based applications in the travel, education, healthcare, media, financial services, and retail industries. Kyron has helped firms such as Cubito, Xpense Manager, Viamagus, Eywa Media Innovations, and Adwyze. The following services are provided by Kyron Global Accelerator:
  • Access to an investor and expert network
  • Mentoring and assistance
  • Several accelerator programmes are available.
  • Attendance at industry-related events
  • Seed financing is available.
The IDEX Accelerator provides assistance to motivated social entrepreneurs who support and enhance the work of socially-minded businesses. IDEX's six-month accelerator programme is largely designed with the viewpoint of socially savvy persons who handle societal challenges in mind. IDEX primarily targets prospective social entrepreneurs who do not want to be entrepreneurs and instead wish to cooperate with established social businesses. IDEX Accelerator graduates include Manju Menon and Shantanu Paul. The accelerator provides:
  • Mentoring sessions one-on-one
  • Workshops for specialised training
  • Access to an industry expert network
  • Opportunities for investment and scholarships
As incubators and accelerators operate in various ways, they both focus on the formation and growth of startups. Given the vibrancy of the Indian startup environment, several institutes/firms provide both incubation and acceleration services to entrepreneurs, with customised and customisable alternatives.