Nestery Bangalore

Nestery Bangalore created a one-stop-shop for handpicked parenting and childcare supplies.

Nestery Bangalore
Founders and Nestery Beginning
Vaishnavi R discovered support in unexpected areas when she became a mom in 2015. Strangers who met on the internet assisted each other in making sense of this new stage of life. She found she was just not alone on this road, and, more significantly, Vaishnavi learned how to be a parent with the assistance of other parents who were also on this path." She was exposed to a lot of new experiences, such as cloth diapering, new goods, brands, and so on. She utilised networks as a filter and proxy for finding products and brands based on her child's age and how they were utilised. The Nestery, a marketplace that enables parents to find safe and quality-verified pregnancy and children's supplies. It was Vaishnavi's first excursion into the world of business. She spent the following decade after receiving her MBA from SCMHRD asking "why?" from the standpoint of both a customer and an organisation. Her long tenure at Deloitte Consulting taught her the importance of being analytical, forming teams, developing processes, and, most significantly, the potential of saying no,". 
T S Vishwanathan, Vaishnavi's husband, and Aparna Vasudevan, whom she met on parenting Facebook groups, are the other co-founders of The Nestery. The Nestery was bootstrapped for a year and a half with personal finances before receiving a Rs 3.74 crore pre-seed round from friends, family, alumni networks, and early investors such as FirstCheque and Trimis Capital. It claims to have an annualised GMV run rate of around $2 million at the moment. The Nestery is also a member of the Sequoia Spark Fellowship's inaugural cohort, a $100K equity-free award and mentoring programme for 15 firms and 20 women entrepreneurs from India and Southeast Asia, which was recently announced. Nestery's competitor, Firstcry, is the only other online aggregator in the parenting and childcare space. Vaishnavi, on the other hand, feels there is a distinct difference.
Intensive market and consumer study
Vaishnavi, on the other hand, took two years to take the leap of faith, quit her job, and create The Nestery. "It was a period of rigorous consumer and market research from the moment the concept occurred to me until the product was introduced. As many parents as possible had to be contacted. Vaishnavi established a side business flipping children's books, where she would acquire imported secondhand children's books by the kilo and divide them up into separate things to sell at flea markets and fairs. She picked children's books, namely fiction because she assumed that parents with sophisticated tastes would desire access to difficult-to-find titles. This provided her with a fantastic opportunity to chat with parents directly about how they buy for their children and what is simply lacking.
Vaishnavi founded The Nestery in February 2019 with five brands and 25 goods, putting her ideas into life. By September 2019, she and her team had begun to focus on the platform's distinguishing features. This includes the following:
Selection: A marketplace with a unique selection that is access regulated, safe, and the quality confirmed.
Compassionate listing is a unique cataloging technique that considers why, when, and how a product is utilised in the context of the parenting experience, rather than just what it is.
Social suggestions include: To fill the gap between exploration and commerce, they're creating micro-stores in conjunction with influencers and parenting groups.
Along the way, the team started improving productivity improvements in logistics and customer interaction, as well as building a strong portfolio of DTC brands. They moved from Noida to Bengaluru to be a part of the city's booming environment.
Final Thoughts
Vaishnavi is determined that The Nestery be "the preferred location" for modern Indian parents.
People want to provide a secure, welcoming environment where they can learn, interact, and discover exactly what they need for their parenting adventure.
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