Dream or Marriage!

Women need to defeat a wide range of obstacles when it comes to their careers. The most effective method to convince parents and the pressure for getting married is by explaining to them what you really want and where you really want to be.

Dream or Marriage!
How to Deal With Parents and relatives Pressure for Marriage and Pursue Your Dreams 
In the recent generation, the pressure of marriage usually starts from the age of 22 and it climbs to the peak by the age of 25. This pressure increases with every year cruising by. 
1. Fix a Career Destination
Moving to another city will allow you to work with an open mind without any pressure. It doesn't mean leaving your family behind. Focus on your goal to achieve. This action will be applicable when you want to pursue your career and when parents and relatives force you for marriage just because you have turned 22! In such a case you must chase towards your dream. Because marriage can wait for a few years but your career should be established at the right age.
2. Take up an occupation
This encourages you in getting monetarily free and hence empowers you to advance your assessment in a more solid manner. It lets your parents accept that you are being responsible for your life and expenses. 
3. Seek help from your elder siblings
We cannot underline enough on the intensity of this bond. On the security that can spare you from the greatest of the difficulties. Think about them as your dear companion and trust in them about your sentiments and contemplations. Carry them to the bleeding edge to battle for you. On the off chance that you are the oldest, discover your compatriot in another relative – possibly an auntie or uncle or a cousin sibling or sister. 
4. Convey and impart viably
There is a method of getting your way with words. Pick savvy words and pick the right examples. Tackle their feelings and let them realize that you are passionate about your work and you want to live your dreams. 
5. Try not to surrender
No matter what, do not surrender. This is your life. Your parents are your mentors yet they cannot pressure you to accomplish something. Try not to surrender. And prove to them that you are capable to pursue your dreams and have the courage to take the responsibility of self.
''We need to agree that there will definitely be a generation gap and it is the women's responsibility to make their family understand and try to bridge the gap. If there is proper support from everyone in the family, a woman can do wonders''. Do not put pressure on a woman to get married, Everything will fall at the right age.