Top 5 Korean Food Spots- Bangalore

Today, Bengaluru is home to Korean cuisine that caters to a wide range of budgets. So put on your stretchiest jeans and join the little group of Korean food enthusiasts; here are the top 5 Korean food spots in Bangalore

Top 5 Korean Food Spots- Bangalore

Unlike many other cuisines, Korean food does not need you to live in a cave. You'll have to take a seat at a community table, rest your knees on the floor, and maybe even participate in a chopstick fight in order to get your hands on the final piece of delicate beef being freshly cooked on the gridiron in the middle of your table. Pickled vegetables will stick to your teeth, spicy stews will run down your chin, and exquisitely soft, grilled meats with deep, meaty flavours will roll about in your tongue. Here is your comprehensive guide to the city's flavour-packed cuisine.

1. Arirang Korean Restaurant

Address: 13, NK Enclave Building, Near Sathya Hospital, Chinnappa Layout, 4th Cross, KammanahalliMain Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore

Everything about this location, from the floor sitting to the exquisite wall murals, makes you feel like you're in Little Korea, if not Korea itself. It features a kind of calm atmosphere and a welcoming appearance that attracts a lot of Korean visitors to Bangalore. However, the menu still caters to newcomers by including useful visuals and information that make ordering considerably easier. This is especially convenient because they have a large menu of foods to choose from, and no matter how knowledgeable you are about food, chances are you won't be prepared for this gastronomical assault on your senses. That isn't an exaggeration; even the water has a herb flavour to it.

For two persons, the cost is INR 1,400.

2. Hae Kum Gang

Address: No. 20, C.O. Paul's Castle Street, Ashok Nagar, 

Hae Kum Gang has established itself as a favourite in Bangalore's burgeoning Korean scene, where it's nearly hard not to get lost in the crowd. Unlike the majority of the others, however, this establishment is owned by a Nepali man, Mr. Hira Bahadur Karki, whose Korean wife oversees the culinary operations. The atmosphere is relaxed but not excessively so, which contributes to the warm feeling that comes with home-style cooking and delectable soups and steaks.

For two persons, the cost is INR 1,500.

3. Hi Seoul 

Address: 309, 7th Main Road, HRBR Layout, 2nd Block, Kalyan Nagar.

This local Korean cuisine favourite (Bangalore appears to have an unfair preponderance of decent alternatives) addresses a lifetime issue for chicken wing fans: how can you make this godsend of a meal even better? Of course, deep-fry them! But, before we get carried away with all the delicacies, a little background is required. Hi Seoul is a modest eatery that may be housed in a mall, but it lacks the sense of a food court aside from its quick service. The menu isn't extremely vast, which may be part of the reason for the exceptional quality of each and every meal. It's a family-owned restaurant that takes pride in its laid-back atmosphere. Perfect for those searching for a quick, low-cost supper that also happens to be exotic.

For two persons, the cost is INR 800.

4. Soo Ra Sang 

Address: Himalayan Inn Hotel  332, Indiranagar Double Road, Indiranagar.

The emphasis here is on the greatest damn Korean BBQ in the country, which implies you shouldn't go to lunch or dinner in anything other than your loosest dress or stretchiest slacks. On your journey in or out of Bangalore, this hidden gem in the back alleys of the airport road is the spot to go for a truly unique encounter. The restaurant is maintained by Korean ex-pats who are quite excited about giving new clients all of the knowledge they want to make the most of their meal.

5. The Himalayan 

Address: 8, 1st Cross Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala

Don't be fooled by the name of this restaurant; the cuisine is really Korean. The Himalayan, a hidden gem in the alleyways of Koramangala's renowned district, satisfies all your Korean culinary demands. The restaurant has a charming and friendly vibe about it, and the meal will leave you oh-so-satisfied. The servings are more than plenty, and the flavour is real. You'll find a variety of Kimbap, Bulgogi sizzler sets, and sushi to satisfy your hunger. Also, make sure to taste their Pork Rib Stew.

For two persons, the cost is INR 1,200.