Namitha Naveen- Mlkytale Jewellery

We came across a unique indigenous firm, created by a Bangalore-based mother, who preserves breast milk and umbilical cords in the form of jewellery that you may love for the rest of your life for all the young moms in Bangalore (and all-around India). Continue reading to learn more about the interesting adventure of Namitha Naveen Mlkytale jewellery, Bangalore.

Namitha Naveen- Mlkytale Jewellery

Story of Mlkytale Jewellery- Namitha Naveen

It is one of life's most surreal experiences for a mother to deliver a baby. It is a very meaningful event as a rite of passage, and moms would like to savour every second of it. Namitha Naveen, a Bangalore-based mother, has devised a bit unusual yet endearing method of conserving breast milk, umbilical cord, milk teeth, first-cut nails, and even the newborn's hair. Mumma's Miky Tale Jewels were founded after she gave birth to a boy and realised she wanted to keep the memorable moments for the rest of her life.


The research was useful since she has an MSc in Biotechnology. Namitha brought up the fact that many parents save their baby's first fingernails in paper or a box, only to lose them over time. "When they are with you as a necklace, ring, or earrings, the memories may be remembered in a lovely way for the rest of your life. Milk teeth, umbilical cord, first-cut nails, hair, and mother's milk are also used to make the gems "she claims. Her art technique is known as lifecasting, and it took her six to eight months of research to perfect it. They obtain jewels from a goldsmith and keep mother's milk, baby's hair, nail, or umbilical cord in that piece. She believes, ''they are the first to create these one-of-a-kind-jewels ".It's one of the greatest pieces of jewellery she has in her personal locker right now. It is her current favourite piece of jewellery.

It's something she made for her kid so she could give it to him on his 18th birthday and remind him how they have been linked for nine months and after the pregnancy. She made it especially for her son so she could gift it to him on his 18th birthday. It's a wonderful memory or keepsake to treasure for a lifetime. It's a lovely keepsake or memory to appreciate for a lifetime. It was out of her idea to make a jewel-like this anyway. She had no clue I'd be making a jewel-like this. 

The couple has been trying to have a kid for over eight years. They appreciate the importance of parenthood more than anything else. Parenthood is the most important thing to all of us. It's a very special moment, in her opinion. It's a memorable moment. The infant will grow up sooner or later. The baby will ultimately mature. "Only these kinds of souvenirs bring back those great memories that we had along the voyage,". "These treasures will bring back the wonderful moments we enjoyed along the way," she remarked.

Namitha has been interested in arts and crafts since she was a youngster. She originally began lifecasting five years ago. Her customers are primarily young mothers. She started her investigation by scanning the Internet and came up with her own formulation. She then came up with her own formula. It was challenging since the milk went dark or brown. "It took 6 to 8 months of investigation to discover the proper solution."Namitha didn't know how to manufacture jewellery. Her acquaintance had suggested it to her. The method is time-consuming; for example, breast milk must be kept for a day before being dried again using chemicals. It is then crushed and dried further.


Because it is such a time-consuming procedure, she charges anything between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,500 for the gold and silver-coated jewellery. These souvenirs have struck a chord with moms all throughout India. She recently produced a ring for a couple in Mumbai out of the umbilical cord of a deceased baby, which was really emotional. "Umbilical cord jewellery is becoming more popular."