Top 8 Best Food Trucks In Bangalore

Take a peek at some of these food trucks in Bengaluru that have been stealing people's hearts by filling their stomachs to get a taste of this fantastic street cuisine trend! Here are the top 8 best food trucks in Bangalore.

Top 8  Best Food Trucks In Bangalore

The notion of food trucks was first introduced in Texas, and it ushered in a sea shift in the culinary culture. People embraced the idea right away, and it was implemented with zeal across the United States. How could we Indians resist, not being inspired by this unique street cuisine culture and try our hand at it? Food trucks are now seen on the streets of Indian states such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Bangalore, reportedly the center of the high-tech business world, is also one of the most popular Indian cities for street food culture. It's because food trucks are one of Bangalore's most popular attractions. Scroll down to learn more about these amazing trucks around the city!

8 Best Food Trucks in Bangalore

1. The Great Indian Bhukkad 

Do you have a need for Chinese food while on the go? Say goodbye to hunger aches by stopping by The Great Indian Bhukkad food truck. Give yourself more than one cause to return by ordering some delectable meals made from a fusion of North Indian and Chinese cuisines. This cuisine truck brings together Rajma and Manchurian connoisseurs!

Parked At: Pes University, 3rd Main Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085

Must-Try Menu: Sandwiches and wraps are a must-order.

2. Square Ruth

With a broad range of sizzling hot appetisers created with the highest quality standards, this food truck will melt your heart and pave the way to real gastronomy. You'll find everything at the counter of this four-wheeler that will not fail you or your taste buds, from savory food to sweets that melt in your lips. You're going to enjoy the sunny-side-up eggs and pancakes they make, which are sure to raise your morning game.

Parked At: 777, 13th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038 

Must-Try Menu: Bacon and cheese sandwich is a must-order.

3. The Swat Truck

This food truck is well-known in the industry and is credited with establishing India's incredible culinary culture. The foods offered here are made in a unique way since the chefs dared to provide something out of the ordinary, thus the abbreviation SWAT, which stands for Serving With A Twist. The Americal Curbside Gourmet will just blow your head by catering to its visitors with genuineness. If that isn't enough to persuade you, consider the fact that The SWAT food truck was named the 2nd Best Burgers in Bangalore at Burger Riot 2015.

Parked At: LIC colony sector XI, 10th Main Rd, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075

Must-Try Menu: Burgers are a must-order.

4. Foodipa

This is a great option for people seeking a fast Indian snack. You'll find everything here, from mouthwatering chaats to captivating parathas. They've given the culinary categories punny names to match the Bollywood film title, proving their style. Everything is made with both flavor and hygienic considerations in mind.

Parked At: MS Ramaiah North City, Manayata Tech Park, Nagavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560045 

Must-Try Menu: Chaat is a must-order.

5. Just Bake Dessert Mobile

If you really want to celebrate somebody's birthday, farewell, or any other occasion that necessitates cake or other delicacies, these guys are just a phone call away to ensure that every celebration is unique and unforgettable. You'll never run out of alternatives with such a large selection of cakes, and you'll want to taste them all. For any type of occasion, the sweets are individually adorned in accordance with the theme.

Parked At: 234, Old Madras Road, Bangalore, as well as 97 more locations

Must-Try Menu: Cakes

6. The Spitfire Barbecue Truck

Spitfire Barbecue Truck's cuisine will give you a taste of New York. The savory taste imparted to their meals justifies the food truck's moniker. The odd joke by this food truck is "it's no sin to get sauce on your chin." Their hot dogs, which are served hot and spicy, will make you feel as if you're on one of New York's streets.

Parked At: Frazer Town, Kammanahalli, Indiranagar, and Sahakarnagar 

Must-Try Menu: Chilli hot dogs

7. De3

This truck, which is run by four men, gives you some creatively cooked meals that will make you want to order more. De3's goal is to shift the path of conventional mealtimes, which is accomplished by skillfully reinventing food culture on a regular basis. Their major objective is to provide a pleasant experience for their clients, and the entire concept of this truck is built on that. De3 is one of Bangalore's top food trucks only because of their food.

Parked At: Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout

Must-Try Menu: Hot dogs cooked in the American Style

8. Le Casse Croûte

This is Bangalore's first French food truck, which has grown in popularity since its inception. You should try their handmade Croques, which are really tasty. They make delicious French-toasted sandwiches that you must try. This truck's meals will introduce you to the distinct and delectable flavors of France.

Parked At: #1675, 4th cross 9th main HAL 3rd stage Bangalore

Must-Try Menu: Sandwiches and French fries are a must-order. 

Final Thoughts

Food truck culture is perhaps one of the greatest Western innovations that have been adopted in India. The food trucks in Bangalore described above, together with the essential information, will make mealtime convenient for you without making you wait too long. If you introduce yourself to the freshly established culture, your Bangalore vacation will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience.