One in Million - Arat Hosseini !!!

Arat Hosseini, a seven-year-old who has over five million Instagram followers, has become a social media phenomenon. Arat is aiming to make history by being the youngest player to play in the World Cup.

One in Million - Arat Hosseini !!!

Mohamed Hosseini Arat's father never imagined his son, who was born on September 30, 2013, would become a social media sensation. Arat's father shared a video of his son on social media in 2017 and expressed his son's desire to one day play for Barcelona. All were shocked as they saw the video and were astounded by this wonder-kid. So why were so many people fascinated? Let's check out!

 Arat's Extraordinary Talent

At the age of 7, with over 5 million Instagram followers, 3000+ kick-ups, his stamina, exceptional abilities, and strength, he was extensively broadcasted on ESPN, video released on FIFA's Twitter, and FIFA went even further to say that Arat would replace Messi.  

''A talent that has been nurtured''

When Arat's father, Mohammad, saw his little child's enthusiasm and ability with the football when he was just a few months old, he was taken aback. This duo spent 2 hours each day playing together and this quickly began as training sessions. Every day, his son will amaze him with new tricks. Residents in the neighborhood and other clubs began to notice Arat's potential when he was just over a year old, and tempting offers began to flood in for the family to emigrate from Iran. Initially, Dad was unconcerned and ignored them. At 4, Arat seemed to be a seasoned pro, and the pressure to consider more offers grew. In 2019, Arat's father made the decision to relocate to London.

Liverpool, Arsenal, and Barcelona 

When the Liverpool authorities saw Arat's potential, they were taken aback and gave him a place in the Academy. Contracts are not signed formally at this tender period, but a ton of facilities were provided. Arat loves his time at the Academy, but only time will tell when he will go next. He was given a contract with Arsenal even while at Liverpool, but Liverpool wants him and has provided greater support, so they remain. It's a sad reality, but it's the truth. Despite Barcelona's best intentions to get him to the club, a legal clause forbids him from moving.

What is Arat's next step?

Although Arat continues to receive the best opportunities, fame, and appreciations, his father claims that he remains grounded. With all of this, Arat's father claims that they are having immigration problems and that his son is on a student visa, and that they will always concentrate on the boy's game and let the future take its course.

We deeply hope that this international figure is not influenced by the media, wealth, or fame and that he succeeds in his goal and continues to entertain fans for a long time.