History Uncle of Bangalore Dharmendra Kumar

Meet Dharmendra Kumar, History Uncle of Bengaluru who, with so much empathy, tells the Bygone Stories.

History Uncle of Bangalore Dharmendra Kumar

In our everyday lives, there are so many things we admire, like the food we consume, along with the life we lead. We don't often appreciate the position in which we live as much as we like, however. There has been a lengthy discussion about students not having the proper history that they need to know. Arenahalli Shivashankar Dharmendra Kumar, who has educated people about the city and the area through daily videos on social media, is one of the individuals who has been instrumental in making history interesting again. Dharmendra Kumar, who mostly educates people about the history of the places such as Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Karnataka, does have a wonderful way of explaining history through his Facebook page, Mysoorina Kathegalu.

He not only makes history fascinating but also makes this history class worthwhile and that makes you want to learn more from the way he salutes to the way he makes minute things seem gracious in historical context. The most important part of the historian's initiative is the things he selects to teach is easier, smaller yet important stuff in the region, when most people read about the history of kings and rulers. 

He goes back to the tale of tiny structures in the city where thousands of them walk by every day but are not sure of their importance. The narratives Kumar takes to the forefront often make us think that, decades later, his deeds today may have an ability to be remembered by anyone. 

Empathy Tales

Kumar also conveys it with a lot of sensitivity, in addition to picking the interesting content, which helps the listeners and audiences understand history more. Instead of maligning everyone the only thing lacking in the debate about history is seeing through the prism of understanding. Kumar brings to the table the required perspective. Mr. Kumar has grown to be an asset to the society that wants heritage and he will definitely be celebrated for his deeds.