The Youngest Fooler- Sanjeev Vinodh!!

Sanjeev Vinodh is said to be the youngest magician to fool P&T. But it's what he says after the trick that interests me when asked, what the best magic advice he'd ever received was, he replied, "It's to polarise. Where it is preferable to be loved by others and disliked by others than to be liked by all."

The Youngest Fooler- Sanjeev Vinodh!!

Is Magic An Art? 

"Art is commonly characterised as any action or product performed by people for communicative or artistic purposes—something that communicates a thought, an emotion, or, more broadly, a world view. It is a cultural component, with its architecture representing economic and social substrates." Sanjeev claims he is willing to arouse people's emotions, whether they be positive (love) or negative (hate). He'll be satisfied if he can get any of the crowd to fall into both camps. After all, if it is really an art, it must adhere to the concepts that describe art.

He says,'' I like magic because it makes us question ourselves, in a world where we are ever more sure that we know how things work. It's a medium to communicate (I'm not a big fan of magic for the sake of magic), and lets us bring our vision to reality in a way that no other art can''.

Sanjeev's Success Ladder

2021: Becoming the youngest magician ever to deceive Penn and Teller on their CW broadcast, Fool Us.

2020: Wrote and performed Lost on Track, an immersive performance, in front of over 3,000 spectators.

''Lost on Track'' is a set of close-up magic used to explore our discomfort with in-betweens. The 25-minute show is immersive, with various viewers being highlighted throughout, with one-piece also seeing a guest use their own deck of cards. The show is written for adults, but it is also suitable for children (no inappropriate themes or language were used in the show).

2019: Performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, an exclusive club that features only the world's most unique magicians.

2019: Performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, an exclusive club that includes only the world's most unique magicians.

2018: Completed a magic undergraduate course at UC Berkeley, where he investigated how magicians would use linguistics to suggest the unlikely.

In 2017, he was elected president of his high school's magic club!

In 2016, he learned his first magic trick through YouTube.